This LLB Will Get You More Clients!

I started Canadian Lawyer Websites Inc. in 2007.  Since then I have helped lawyers across Alberta, BC and elsewhere in Canada attract new clients. Lots of new clients. Big firms, small firms, sole practitioners . . . anyone who wants more clients.

I do so by partnering with lawyers and getting websites to perform well in Google. In many cases we get our websites to the very top of Google. This is important because this is where the people who are looking to hire a lawyer . . . are looking.

“It works”.

I sometimes take one of my pre-existing websites and put a lawyer on there. Other times I start from scratch and build you a whole new website.  My billing system is 100% performance based. I report to you in detail each month. As a former lawyer (17 years), I can relate to your business.

Call or email me today. I will come to your office on a no-charge, no pressure, confidential basis, discuss your situation and outline a proposed course of action. References from my existing lawyer clients will be provided.

Let’s get your phone ringing!

Keith Perkins,
LLB, 1986

Aside:  You can also try our new “Who Is That Person?” online report service and receive a detailed report on that Judge, Justice, or “other lawyer” which gives a profile of other cases they have been involved in, their social media pages and more!